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Yemen Business FAQs

Question One: What are the procedures for obtaining legal licenses/permits?

  1. Pick up the an application from the Commercial Register.
  2. Name reservation, license application, AOA signature, publication and registration at the Ministry of Trade & Industry.
  3. Register as taxpayer with the General Taxes Department for the payment of income tax, obtain taxation card, and register the employees and register for other taxes.
  4. Apply for Chamber of Commerce membership.
  5. Apply to the municipality to obtain license.
  6. Register employees for the social security.

Question Two: What is the Yemeni customs duty on imported commodities?

Customs duties on imported commodities do not exceed 5%.

Question Three: What customs entry points should be considered as First Entry Points for foreign goods?

Sea Ports of Aden, Hodeidah, and Mukalla.

Sana’a International Airport, Aden International Airport and Mukalla International Airport.

Haradh, Aaaleb, Buquaa and Wadeeah Land- Border crossings.

Post Offices.

Question Four: Is there personal/sales income tax in Yemen?

The personal income tax in Yemen starts from 10% and does not exceed 20%. The sales income tax is 5%.