United States Calls for Immediate Release of Bin Mubarak

January 17, 2015

The United States strongly condemns the kidnapping of Ahmed Bin Mubarak, office director for the President, and calls for his immediate and safe release to his family.  Mr. Bin Mubarak is a leading figure of the 2011 revolution and dedicated public servant who has shown his patriotism serving his country.  Intimidation tactics such as this have no place in a democratic and civilized society and attempts to silence Yemeni voices speaking on behalf of their country will only forestall Yemen’s progress toward peace and stability.

Yemen’s challenges are political in nature and will only be resolved through peaceful dialogue among its leaders and citizenry. Indeed, Yemen is making progress and we encourage  active and constructive dialogue on the draft constitution, which provides a way forward for the country. Those who kidnapped Mr. Bin Mubarak stand in the way of this process and are attempting to derail the National Dialogue Conference outcomes. They do not represent Yemen and their actions show they are not working in their country’s interest.

Yemen is at a crossroads and we call upon all–citizens and political parties–to work toward the fulfillment of the revolution began in 2011. The United States continues to stand with the Yemeni people and will support them as they work to achieve their aspirations.