U.S. State Department Counterterrorism Coordinator Reinforces Firm Commitment to Yemen in Sanaa Visit

June 15, 2014

Sana’a – Reinforcing the United States’ firm commitment to helping the people of Yemen build a “safe, secure, and prosperous nation for themselves and future generations,” Ambassador –at– Large Tina Kaidanow, U.S. Department of State Coordinator for Counterterrorism, completed an official visit to Sana’a on Sunday (June 15).

During her visit, Ambassador Kaidanow met with senior government officials including Yemen’s Foreign Minister Jamal Abdullah al-Sallal, Minister of Defense Mohammed Nasser Ahmed Ali, Minister of Interior Abdu Hussein al-Tareb, and other senior representatives of the Foreign Ministry.  She commended the country’s political leadership for confronting extremist elements throughout the country and discussed ongoing U.S. cooperation and support.

“It is clear that President Hadi and the Yemeni Armed Forces are committed to combatting extremist elements who seek to prevent a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous Yemen,” Kaidanow emphasized.

Bilateral discussions included several issues of mutual concern, including rooting out extremist groups that continuously wage attacks against Yemeni civilians and armed forces, improving security throughout Yemen as a key step in stimulating economic growth and advancing the political transition, and developing strategies to address and prevent terrorism.  “Our partnership with the Yemeni people is unshakable, unyielding, and enduring, “Kaidanow added.

United States support for Yemen totals more than $630 million from 2012 through 2014 and is built on assistance in humanitarian, political, economic, and security sectors.  In addition, the United States provides multilateral support through partnerships with the European Union and the United Nations.