U.S. Embassy Presents Yemen Customs Authority with Inspection Equipment

October 23, 2014

Sana’a — On Thursday, October 23, representatives of the U.S. Embassy presented officials from the Yemen Customs Authority with 9 CT-30 contraband inspection kits, 40 personal radiation detector pagers (PRDs), 15 personal radiation detector pagers (Mini Rad-D), and 3 density meter kits.  This equipment, valued at approximately $253,484 will assist the Yemen Customs Authority in their efforts to detect and interdict harmful and dangerous materials before they enter Yemen.  This equipment will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Yemeni officials and assist them in their ongoing efforts to improve safety and security.

Since the end of 2010, the U.S. State Department’s Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) program has provided a variety of assistance to support Yemeni official’s efforts towards border security, export controls, and non-proliferation. In addition to inspection equipment, EXBS has supported the participation of Yemeni officials in numerous subject matter expert consultations and training.