U.S. Embassy Celebrates Independence Day

SANA’A – The U.S. Embassy celebrated the U.S.’ Independence Day a day early this year, on July 3rd, with the theme of “a more perfect union.”

U.S. Ambassador Matthew H. Tueller addressed the guests by expounding on this theme.  “I don’t have to tell you that Yemen is going through a difficult period, but my message to you tonight is that you are not facing your challenges alone,” said Ambassador Tueller.  “As you press forward with your political transition embodied in the National Dialogue Conference, your ambitious social project is aimed at a goal we in the United States have worked towards for 238 years: a more perfect union.”

Guests who attended the event enjoyed the presentation of colors by the Marine Corps Security Group and a variety of American cuisine.  The national anthems of both Yemen and the United States of America were played.  Honored guest His Excellency Mr. Hisham Sharaf Abdullah, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, also addressed the crowd.

Said Ambassador Tueller: “As Yemen’s Constitutional Drafting Committee carries out its task of drafting a new constitution, I am reminded powerfully of our own history of struggle to create a more perfect union.”  He continued: “I reaffirm to you tonight my personal commitment and the commitment of President Obama to help in your transition, to support President Hadi in the challenges ahead, and to remain a steadfast partner of the Yemeni government and people as you continue your journey in order to form a more perfect union.”