U.S. Completes Second Iteration of Training to Republic of Yemen Government (ROYG) Border Guards

Riyadh – Twenty-eight Republic of Yemen Government (ROYG) Border Guard members completed a rigorous two-week training program in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia led by visiting security professionals from the United States from 16-27 September 2018. The Yemeni border guards were the second group to benefit from U.S. Department of State’s Export Control and Border Security (EXBS)-sponsored training.

As a result of this joint Yemeni-U.S.-Saudi initiative, Yemeni border guards are better positioned to intercept and seize smuggled weapons, explosives, ballistic missile components, and Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, and Nuclear (CBRN) materials, and build upon methods to improve the overall security presence on Yemen’s borders.

The training marks a significant milestone in U.S. Security Cooperation with Yemen, as well as the ROYG’s efforts to re-establish a viable border protection force. Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. plan to continue their partnership on additional programs later this year.