STATEMENT: The Houthis Must Cease the Assault on Marib

Office of the Spokesperson

For Immediate Release
February 16, 2021

The United States urges the Houthis to halt their advance on Marib and cease all military operations and turn to negotiations.  The Houthis’ assault on Marib is the action of a group not committed to peace or to ending the war afflicting the people of Yemen.  UNOCHA estimates about one million Yemenis have sought refuge in Marib since the beginning of the war to escape Houthi violence.  Marib is controlled by the legitimate government of Yemen.  This assault will only increase the number of internally displaced persons and exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, already home to the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe.

If the Houthis are serious about a negotiated political solution, they must cease all military advances and refrain from other destabilizing and potentially lethal actions, including cross-border attacks on Saudi Arabia. They must commit to constructively participate in the UN-led political process and engage seriously in the diplomatic effort led by U.S. Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking.  The time to end this conflict is now.  There is no military solution.