Statement on behalf of the United Kingdom, the United States and France

The Ambassadors to Yemen from the United Kingdom, the United States, and France met recently to discuss matters of importance in Yemen, in particular Saudi Arabia and Oman’s efforts towards a peaceful solution through their discussions with the Houthis in coordination with UN Special Envoy Hans Grundberg and the Government of Yemen, who are pivotal in bringing an implementable, sustainable peace to Yemen.

P3 Ambassadors underlined the importance of a thriving economy in Yemen, providing jobs and livelihoods to the Yemeni people, as well delivering essential public services. The P3 condemned the Houthi attacks against Yemeni infrastructure and other measures that threaten the peace process, inflict economic harm on all Yemenis, exacerbate the humanitarian situation.   The P3 Ambassadors call on the Houthis to immediately renounce any further attacks on civilian infrastructure.

P3 Ambassadors continue to support Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council, Government, and the Central Bank in Aden in introducing necessary measures to stabilise Yemen’s economy. The P3 will work with the broader international community to align support to Yemen.  Financial support is urgently needed to prevent further deterioration of the economic situation.  Yemen has the natural resources to provide for its citizens if oil and gas exports are able to resume without the risk of attack from the Houthis.

The P3 remain concerned by the alarming humanitarian situation in Yemen. Over 17 million highly vulnerable Yemenis need assistance in 2023. P3 Ambassadors call on all parties / stakeholders to allow the unfettered and unimpeded access to those in need. Impediments, interference and insecurity continue to restrict aid operations and must be removed to avoid the unnecessary suffering of vulnerable Yemenis. In that regard, mahram restrictions imposed on women and in particular humanitarian workers in Houthi controlled areas must be lifted as it jeopardizes the humanitarian response and systematically violates women and girls’ fundamental rights.

Finally, the P3 Ambassadors underlined their commitment to a comprehensive political solution for the conflict in Yemen and expressed full support for the UN Special Envoy, and the Government of Yemen. They support efforts aiming at Yemeni-Yemeni talks under UN auspices and a nation-wide ceasefire. The P3 call on the Houthis to prioritise the Yemeni people and engage constructively with all parties in efforts to achieve peace.