Statement by Group of Ten Ambassadors

July 14, 2014

Joining with the Security Council Press Statement of July 11th and statements issued by a number of countries and organizations supporting the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism, the Group of Ten Ambassadors condemns the violence that has occurred in Amran and surrounding areas in the north including the taking of the 310thBrigade with all its equipment and burning of the compound.  The Group calls on all parties to cease armed conflict that has claimed and continues to claim Yemeni lives. The Houthis, militias affiliated with political parties, and all armed groups and parties involved in the violence, must stop the fighting, respect all cease-fire agreements they all have committed to, especially that of June 22nd, withdraw from Amran, and turn over weapons to authorities loyal to the national government.

The Group of Ten Ambassadors warns that continued violence will have grave consequences for the progress of Yemen’s transition. Those who have continued to resort to the use of arms and to violence, in the face of clear statements from the international community and in defiance of the best interests of the Yemeni people, will be held accountable for their actions. The Group of Ten Ambassadors reiterates that intimidation by armed groups acting unlawfully and in disregard of the interests of the people will not be tolerated.  It reaffirms its support for the Panel of Experts appointed under UNSCR 2140 and warns all belligerents – including actors who have provided support to armed groups – that their actions have threatened the peace and stability of Yemen. The Group of Ten monitors the armed confrontation in Al Arhab with deep concern and demands that the current turmoil should not extend to other parts of the country, including Sana’a, and urges the immediate cessation of all violence.

The Group of Ten Ambassadors stands by President Hadi and his efforts to implement National Dialogue Conference outcomes, to negotiate peaceful reconciliation among all parties and create an impartial army with the obligation of neutrality at the service of the State. The GCC Initiative and Implementation Mechanism provide the road map to a more stable and secure Yemen, for all Yemenis. The Ambassadors call on all parties to implement the outcomes of the NDC, including the need to disarm and to participate peacefully in the transition process that had been established to address past grievances and establish an inclusive, representative system of governance.

The Group of Ten Ambassadors expresses its deep concern about the humanitarian situation in the north and in line with the Humanitarian Coordinator’s statement urges all parties to facilitate aid agencies’ access to civilians, and to protect and respect humanitarian activities, workers, and property at all times to ensure that aid can reach vulnerable people who are in desperate need of assistance.