G19+ Ambassadors Statement

The Ambassadors of the G 19+ express our support for the UN-led political process, the efforts of UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths, and the implementation of the outcomes of the December 2018 consultations in Stockholm. We appreciate the Republic of Yemen Government’s support for the UN-led political process.

We express our support of the Republic of Yemen Government.  We welcome the Yemeni government’s efforts to improve security, public services, and livelihoods, and in particular note recent progress on salary payments and agreeing a budget for 2019. We urge further efforts to pay all civilian public salaries swiftly and to ensure timely publication of the budget. We also underscore the need for the international community to support the Yemeni government’s focus on providing services to the entire population in Yemen, pay salaries, alleviate humanitarian suffering, and reinforce the economic recovery and reconstruction.

We are concerned that the value of the Yemeni Riyal and the economic situation in Yemen remain fragile, which requires concerted actions to build on the achieved steps. In this regard, we commend the Saudi Government’s economic support including fuel assistance, monthly financial support to the electricity sector and to the Central Bank of Yemen, which has reached $3.2 billion.

We strongly support the emergency action plan adopted by the Central Bank of Yemen aimed at stabilizing the Yemeni Riyal to improve the economic and humanitarian situation and living conditions of all the Yemeni people. We support the measures taken by the government to curb illicit fuel imports.

We emphasize the importance of economic development in alleviating the humanitarian situation, and stress the need for supporting small and micro enterprises which have a positive impact in relieving the humanitarian disaster in Yemen. We underline the importance of the continued and unhindered flow of humanitarian and commercial supplies, including fuel and food, through Hudaydah and Saleef, as well as onward supply routes. We commend all international efforts and assistance provided to the Yemeni people to help mitigate the humanitarian situation in Yemen.