G10 Statement

January 19, 2015

The Group of Ten Ambassadors are deeply concerned about the situation in Sana’a. We call on all parties to take steps to implement an immediate and enduring ceasefire. The GCC Initiative, the National Dialogue Outcomes andthe Peace and National Partnership Agreement all provide mechanisms for addressing disputes, which are endorsed by Yemen’s political components. We reject the use of violence by those who seek to overturn Yemen’s political transition for their own interests, and fully support President Hadi as the legitimately-mandated President, Prime Minister Bahah and the Government of Yemen.

The Group of Ten Ambassadors note that Ansar Allah, have claimed responsibility, through the so-called revolutionary committees, for abducting Dr Ahmed bin Mubarak, the Secretary of the National Dialogue Secretariat and the Head of the President’s Office. And we call on Ansar Allah to ensure Dr bin Mubarak’s safe and swift release.
The Group of Ten Ambassadors welcome the formation of the Presidential Committee seeking to end the tension in Marib and al-Jawf in line with the Peace and National Partnership Agreement and call for the implementation of the Agreement’s outstanding provisions, and we continue to follow events in Marib and Taiz with concern.

The Group of Ten Ambassadors welcomes the preparation by the Constitutional Drafting Committee of a draft constitution, which has now passed to the National Body for consideration and public consultation. We believe it is essential that the political components represented on the National Body work swiftly, with commitment and co-operation to complete this crucial task. We continue to follow with interest the preparations of the Supreme Commission for Elections and the Referendum, and look forward to a referendum and elections in the coming months. It will only be possible to complete these critical tasks if there is greater peace and security in Yemen.