G10 Statement on Third Anniversary of Signing GCC Initiative

Sunday 23 November 2014, was the third anniversary of the signing of the GCC Initiative for Yemen. The GCC Initiative set out a clear road map for Yemen’s transition: National Dialogue, a new constitution, a constitution referendum and elections. It also contained other important elements, such as the restructuring of Yemen’s security forces.

Three years on, progress has been slow. The NDC was more successful in bringing Yemenis together and agreeing recommendations than most people had thought possible. But progress then slowed, allowing a political and security vacuum: the price of which Yemen is paying today.

The principles in the GCC Initiative were also reflected in the Peace and National Partnership Agreement, which was agreed by those groups – Ansar Allah and Hirak – who had not signed the GCC Initiative. Those same principles were also included and augmented by the NDC Outcomes, which all groups agreed.

Yemen has a new government, probably the most technically qualified government Yemen has seen for many years. Its composition also reflects the wider Yemen society. The problems the new government faces are great and it has a lot to try and achieve before elections are held. The Economic Committee will grapple with the very real marco economic challenges this country faces as well as the issues that affect people’s daily lives.

The G10 Ambassadors support the new government in all this work, whilst recognising that we – and the Yemeni people – will have to be realistic about what it can achieve.Whilst some groups may not like the name ‘GCC Initiative’, the roadmap it has set out remains Yemen’s best chance of transition to a better future for all Yemenis