G10 statement on national reconciliation and unity

August 04, 2014

‘The Group of Ten Ambassadors supports the call by President Hadi for national reconciliation and unity in his Eid al-Fitr message to the people of Yemen. Yemen continues to face many challenges – challenges that cut-across security, economic and political roles. Every citizen, particularly those in political parties and other groupings, needs to take responsibility for helping to make this country a proud, stable and prosperous nation. Yemen will emerge, united and strengthened, through this transition phase if all Yemenis work to fulfil with no further delay in implementation the vision of the National Dialogue.

The GCC Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism provide the framework that those from across the political spectrum should unite upon as a basis for political transition and meaningful reforms. The National Dialogue Conference recommendations are a good example of what progress can be achieved when dialogue and compromise take the place of violence and accusation.

Every group must now be engaged in swift implementation of the National Dialogue outcomes in accordance with the solemn commitments already made to do so.  Implementation of the National Dialogue recommendations without delay must swiftly lead to a new constitution and provide a road map for the next steps leading to the expected general and presidential elections. The Group of Ten Ambassadors would like to see greater progress on these next steps and urges those parties who are not wholly or positively involved to commit to do so.

Certainly, much work remains to enable Yemen to achieve peace, security and stability.  But by adhering to swift implementation of the National Dialogue recommendations and the GCC Initiative, the Group of Ten Ambassadors believes that Yemenis can overcome the challenges and obstacles.  Therefore the Group of Ten Ambassadors encourages all those who have a stake in Yemen’s future to work tirelessly, in the interest of all, to ensure that reform and nation-building take place quickly and in a unified and determined manner.’