G10 statement on the ceasefire in the North

June 05, 2014

 ‘The Group of Ten Ambassadors welcomes the ceasefire agreement signed on 4 June intended to bring an end to the violent clashes in the North, particularly in Amran. The personal commitment of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi to reach a peaceful conclusion to the violence is to be commended. The Group of Ten Ambassadors calls on all parties to work together to ensure the conditions for the ceasefire are maintained, state control is restored, and to support implementation of the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference in line with the GCC Initiative and Implementation Mechanism, in order to achieve a sustainable peace.

If the political transition towards a fairer, more peaceful, more prosperous Yemen is to be possible, and if National Dialogue Conference conclusions are to be effectively implemented, then political maturity is required from all stakeholders in Yemen’s political future. Those with grievances must challenge the Government through lawful, political means, not use of force. The Group of Ten Ambassadors calls on all parties involved in the current conflict to constructively partake and to reject the use of violence to achieve political aims and in this regard recalls Security Council Resolution 2140.