G10 Statement

June 16, 2014

The Group of Ten Ambassadors remain concerned about the security and economic situation in Yemen. We call on all the political parties and groups to put aside their agendas and work together to further Yemen’s political transition, as agreed in the GCC Initiative and Implementation Mechanism. UNSCR 2140 provides a mechanism to deal with those individuals who obstruct that transition through actions that threaten the peace and stability of Yemen.

The economic situation is serious and requires both short and long-term measures to be taken immediately. The people of Yemen have made it clear that they want basic services and employment opportunities. Since 2011 the international community has given significant support to Yemen through humanitarian and development assistance. The international community will continue to support President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the consensus government in this regard.

The Group of Ten Ambassadors support media freedoms and recognise that freedoms come with responsibilities – and responsible reporting. We call on the government and media bodies to agree a Code of Conduct that holds organisations to high ethical standards whilst maintaining media freedoms.