G-10 Ramadan Statement on Government of Yemen Initiatives

We, the Group of Ten Ambassadors welcome the efforts made by members of the Presidential delegation to achieve a ceasefire agreement to restore peace and security to areas in the north directly affected by recent violence.  All parties have a duty to protect civilians, respect ceasefires and facilitate humanitarian access.

We fully support the efforts of President Hadi to bring about an end to the fighting and encourage all those involved in the process to broaden their efforts in order to develop a comprehensive peace plan through direct negotiations on the basis of the National Dialogue.  In order to defuse all elements of the political and security tensions that currently threaten the GCC Initiative and Implementation Mechanism Agreement, all parties must commit to simultaneous disarmament of all non-state actors and to the political neutrality of state institutions, particularly army and security organizations.  All parties must refrain from provocative actions and abide by ceasefire agreements to which they have agreed.  Those who seek to stoke tensions, incite violence,  or seize political advantage through the use of arms will not escape the censure of the international community and the condemnation of the Yemeni people who are the first victims of their actions.

Furthermore, the Group of Ten Ambassadors confirm our support to the Government of Yemen and its security forces in their ongoing operations against both Al Qaeda and other groups, notably those who are targeting the energy infrastructure.  We call on every responsible party to show their unambiguous support for these operations, and join us in paying tribute to the sacrifices being made by the Yemeni security forces in these campaigns.

The Group of Ten Ambassadors note with concern the serious economic issues facing the government and praises the efforts of those in the government who are working to deliver on long-promised reforms that will put the country on a sound course towards sustainable growth and prosperity.  We call on all political parties to reach consensus quickly and to avoid any actions that can be seen as exploitation of the economic challenges for short-term political advantage.

Finally, we take this opportunity to extend our sincere best wishes to the Yemeni people at the start of the holy month of Ramadan.  We salute the efforts of President Hadi and the Yemeni people who are undertaking the task of laying the foundation for a new peaceful, prosperous and democratic country.  This cannot occur unless the decisions of the National Dialogue are fully implemented and transition steps are fully completed.  The Group of Ten Ambassadors support those who have chosen this path to peaceful change.