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Fees for American Citizen Services

As of December 2021, fees for common ACS services are charged as follows:

U.S. Passport Book, Adults Age 16 & Older – First-Time (DS-11):   $165
U.S. Passport Book, Adults Age 16 & Older – Renewal (DS-82): $130
U.S. Passport Book, Minors Under Age 16: $135
Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA): $100
Consular Report of Death Abroad (CRDA): Free
Additional Photocopies (per copy): $1

WARNING:The U.S. Embassy neither operates nor certifies any “off-site” fee collection agents or offices anywhere in the United States or Yemen.  No offices in Yemen maintain any official or professional affiliation with the U.S. Embassy whatsoever. Visa, passport, and other consular fees may only be collected by the U.S. Embassy’s official cashier, who is located inside the Embassy itself.  No ACS applications may be filed or executed at any satellite office; all applications must be executed at the U.S. Embassy itself. Any outside entity claiming to be a U.S. Embassy agent, affiliate, assistant, associate, collector, or partner is an imposter. If you encounter any outside entity claiming to serve as a U.S. Embassy partner office, please report this to us at DjiboutiFPU@state.gov as soon as possible.