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Death of a U.S. Citizen

Due to the suspension of consular services at U.S. Embassy Sanaa we are not able to assist in most instances in the unfortunate event that a U.S. citizen dies in Yemen. One service that we can provide is a Consular Report of Death Abroad (CRDA), which may be necessary for next-of-kin to transfer or assume ownership of the U.S.-based assets or estate(s) of a deceased American. For more information, please consult the State Department’s Consular Report of Death Abroad webpage. If you are next-of-kin or the immediate relative of a deceased U.S. citizen and you need to execute a CRDA, please contact the Embassy where you wish to apply for a CRDA to schedule an appointment. You will need to present proof of the deceased relative’s U.S. citizenship, a local Yemeni death certificate, and an explanation of the cause of death.