Ambassador Fagin visits Seiyun city in Hadhramaut Governorate


Ambassador Steven H. Fagin traveled Seiyun in Hadhramaut, the first trip by a U.S. Ambassador to Seiyun in more than ten years. He was welcomed by Hadhramawt Governor Mabkhoot bin Mubarak bin Madhi, and they discussed efforts to ensure that the region’s residents had the opportunity to contribute to Yemen’s stability, security, and prosperity and the importance of a peaceful, inclusive resolution to Yemen’s conflict. Ambassador Fagin also met with Interior Minister Ibrahim ali Ahmed Haidan to discuss bilateral law enforcement cooperation.

During the trip the Ambassador also met with tribal leaders and civil society representatives, and offered his congratulations to candidates who have been nominated for Security Cooperation-sponsored training program in the United States. This latest trip to Yemen reiterates the importance of our bilateral relationship and our unwavering support for the Yemeni government and the people of Yemen.